When A Rock Star Pens Your Foreword

This you need. It’s the difference between interesting a publisher even for a moment, or winding up in the slush pile.

A rock-star-written foreword lends your book cache, giving you the A-lister’s seal of approval. It also goes a long way, marketing-wise.

So, how to get started? Think about who is tops in your field. Maybe you already know the person you have in mind. Then try to get access. Perhaps someone you know is close with this person, and would pass your message on for you. Or, maybe you don’t this person at all. Start with a direct note or write to the person who handles the person’s communication.

When reaching out, show all-out and genuine respect. Tell the rock rock star how much he or she has influenced you, your thoughts, your career, and has served as an inspiration to you in writing this book. Also, share your outline, and send along the manuscript when it’s complete so that you are completely transparent.

It may seem like a long shot, but I can tell you first-hand, it works.


About adinagenn

The author of three published books, a writer and a journalist, I'm still debating which format I like best...
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3 Responses to When A Rock Star Pens Your Foreword

  1. Hey, Adina! Do you recommend reaching out through social networks like LinkedIn or Twitter? I’ve found those can be helpful in making introductions. Great post!

  2. adinagenn says:

    Dina, That’s a great suggestion! Thanks! –

    • adinagenn says:

      Also, the beauty of Twitter, etc. is that people then put out an APB to their followers, delivering you sources and contacts you’d never imagine possible!

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