A Marketing Plan to Envy

Writers by their very nature like to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and let their thoughts out. I’m not calling them all introverted…but they tend to shy away from speaking opportunities. I won’t mention names — but you know who you are.

So it’s kind of counterintuitive that the thing you have to do once the book is written is get out and promote it. As if writing the book weren’t enough! Yet if you don’t promote it, a bunch of books with your name on it are destined for the remainder pile, or in this day of print on demand, will never be produced.

There are all kinds of ways to market a book: social media, radio interviews, press releases sent to local papers, TV, webinars, book parties, small dinner parties with influencers. Maybe you won’t land on the Today Show, but there are certainly tons of cable and internet TV and radio opportunities that are hungry for interesting guests. Especially authors. So why not you?

Put all of those ideas in the marketing section of your book proposal. One client of mine actually wrote up a separate marketing plan to complement the proposal. My agent was over the moon about it. And yes, that project got sold.


About adinagenn

The author of three published books, a writer and a journalist, I'm still debating which format I like best...
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