On self-publishing and stigma

I’m often asked, “Why not self-publish?” Quite frankly, self-publishing can be a great option, for lots of reasons. Still, there is one pitfall you should know about, and that’s book reviews. Once your book is written and published, you must promote it, and book reviews play a critical role there. Up until very recently, no editor would even consider a self-published book, and most still won’t. This I know first hand, as I recently assisted a client in building buzz for her self-published title, and contacted editors on her behalf across the country. But are editors now changing their tune?

In some cases, yes. In the last year I’ve seen books published by the popular self-publisher i-Universe covered in Newsday and discussed on the New York’s National Public Radio station, WNYC. The reasons? Perhaps it’s because today’s media folk are less discriminating. Or maybe it’s because some were never told not to cover self-published titles.

Then again, maybe it’s because self-publishing is becoming so prevalent, and editors and producers want to speak with these authors because their message is important. As one book editor recently told me, self-publishing may well be the next wave for the entire industry.

The tide seems to be reversing in many ways, so stay tuned. And if you decide to self-publish, always opt for quality, whether’s it’s in writing, editing, design or promotion. Quality wins every time.


About adinagenn

The author of three published books, a writer and a journalist, I'm still debating which format I like best...
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