So You Want to Write A Business Book

I waaaaant to publish a book.” That was the gist of an e-mail a client/friend sent to me. I’ll call her B. Hungry for the credibility of a published author,  B. believed a book would provide her instant integrity as an expert to A-list decision-makers in business. And she was probably right. But writing a book is painstaking. It takes time and thought, not to mention the daunting task of  producing at least 30,000 words that will hold the reader’s interest. So, she needed my help.

Like B, lots of folks contact me about writing books. And I’m happy to talk to them. I give my perspective on traditional v. self publishing. I ask about their goal, and help them think about markets. And I explain the tricky landscape, as even the best proposal may not land a deal if the author is an unknown, or doesn’t have a big enough platform. But entrepreneurs by their very nature do not allow rejection to interfere with their mission to publish a text. If they want a book, they’ll produce it themselves. I assist them there too. In B’s case, I helped her secure a publishing contract, and I know the finished product will really enable her to take her business to the next level.

I’m devoting the month of May to offer my take on writing a business book. I welcome your questions.


About adinagenn

The author of three published books, a writer and a journalist, I'm still debating which format I like best...
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4 Responses to So You Want to Write A Business Book

  1. Love it. I want to publish a book, too. I look forward to your tips.

  2. If there’s anyone who knows the ins & outs of writing biz books, it’s Adina Genn.

  3. wendy heppt says:

    Thanks for your help! You have the best advice

  4. Karen Bannan says:

    I’m also trying to get a book published so I will be reading your blog regularly.


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